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The biggest thing I see that screams gun, is the folks who carry a fanny pack with a gun in the main compartment and still carry their wallet, change, cellphone, etc. in the regular places on the body. If you want to be discreet, carry all that other stuff in the extra pocket. That is why a non-carrier has a fanny pack!!

Otherwise I agree that a fanny pack screaming 'gun' is not a big problem. In my area I regularly see all kinds of people with fanny packs. Senior citizens, joggers, moms with multiple kids, yuppies, actual shoppers, even mall security wears them. People wear them because the fanny pack frees up the hands, especially when coats are not worn. I do not feel labelled anymore then when I carry IWB under a shirt or jacket or vest. The big deal for me is getting over the feeling of the gun sticking way out, or printing, all the time.

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