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This is a field report on the DeSantis "Look! I'm carrying a gun!" fanny pack holster.

My wife and I went camping in a state park this past weekend. Since I planned to carry more stuff with me on our hikes than would fit in my pockets, I crammed everything into my DeSantis fanny pack holster and wore it the whole time. (Note: since I'm a good little citizen of the not-so-great CCW-fearing state of Ohio, I didn't bring a gun, even though I did check at home and found that my SP101 would have fit nicely).

Now, the DeSantis is not a well-camouflaged holster by any stretch of the imagination. It's big, it's black, and it's probably what most folks have in mind when they say that using a fanny pack holster isn't much more discreet than open carry.

Even so, I didn't notice anyone giving me a second look. And the park was crowded, with every campsite in use and lots of hikers on the trails. There were even a few deputy sheriffs and a park ranger on patrol. Then again, I didn't see anyone who looked like a predatory criminal scouting for victims, so perhaps my walk in the park was not a good test of concealment.


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