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Failed at draft dodging.

During the Civil War, part of the medical examination was to check the recruit for an upper and lower front tooth. Why? To bite their paper cartridges open of course. Here's the story of our anti-hero.

"In the month of July, 1863, a man in Amesbury, Massachusetts, was drafted, and on the 27th of that month he presented a claim for exemption as the only son of an aged and dependent mother. (At this point, try to hear the violins playing a mournful tune) On this, an investigation took place, which proved that the woman he called his mother was only one who had adopted him, and the claim was not allowed. He then suggested that perhaps his teeth might exempt him; but an examination caused that also to be dismissed. The next day or the day after he went to Newburyport and had eight teeth extracted, and in four or five days afterward he called at the office for exemption, and was duly exempted for loss of teeth. A short time after, these facts came to the knowledge of the provost officers, the man was at once arrested, and the allegations substantiated. The case was now reported to the Provost-Marshal-General, who ordered that the man be held to service and assigned to the artillery, without the privilege of communication or furnishing a substitute. He was soon on his way to Gallop's Island.

No bark, no bite.
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