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And then of course, we have the serrations added to a stabbing blade...
Yet another mystery.

One can almost imagine the Gunsite Knife Design Staff sitting up late one night, inadvertently trying to come up with the most confusing design possible.
A mouse in the corner may have heard the following at their round table design meeting:
"It should be a Folder."
" Something on it has to be black. Black is cool."
"It should have a Tanto point. Tantos are cool."
"It needs serrations too, because everyone wants serrations. Serrations are cool."
"It's gotta be cheap, so everyone will buy one."
"A crucified crow on it will make it irresistable to the logo fixated. Logos are cool."
"Hey, look! Here's a knife just like what we want in this catalog full of imported cutlery. I wonder if they can stamp a crow on it for us..."
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