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Gun cleaning - how to the easy way.

Here's a lesson from the past that may help some black powder enthusiasts:

"On leaving Raleigh, N. C., for Washington, D. C., the war being ended, Nels Croft pitched his gun into the bushes by the roadside, with the remark that he did not need it longer. Arrived at Alexandria, Va., preparations were being made for the grand review. The boys were cleaning up their accoutrements, burnishing every bit of metal until it sparkled in the sun. Nels watched two substitutes who had come to the company at Raleigh while they put a fine polish on their guns. After they were through, they went down to a stream of water near by to wash, and Nels removed one of the guns from the stack where they had put in ear the left of the company, and took it to the right, where he belong, saying: 'Those substitutes never did any duty; they might was well clean a gun for me as not.' When the 'subs' came back from washing, they went to look at their guns, when one turned to his companion with a blank look and said: 'Jimmy, me gun's gone.' They sat down and cussed a little while, but didn't think to look farther up the line for the missing gun. However, the substitutes all carried guns in the review next day."
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