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I was just reading in my first issue of Gun Tests (great periodical) that after testing three different 30-06 hunting rifles, Gun Tests could recommend the Browning A-Bolt II composite stalker as a good value, but their reservation was that the BOSS system muzzle brake/vibration tuner combo, was extremely, unpleasantly LOUD even with hearing protection, and that they thought for this reason the BOSS component would not be worth the little extra accuracy and reduced recoil (though they admitted they did not thoroughly test the BOSS system, so they couldn't say for sure just how MUCH it might help accuracy). My questions are as follows:

1. Do YOU wear ear protection when hunting with a big boom rifle, muzzele brake or not?

2. Vibration reducer system aside, considering a muzzle brake for reduced recoil ONLY, Is the reduced recoil worth the extra-lound blast (and accompanying increase in the possibility of ear damage) in a typical hunting rifle?

3. Would your answer change if the muzzle brake was also a accuracy-enhancing vibration reducer? In other words, would the extra accuracy be needed/justified for a hunting rifle to you, as a trade-off for the extreme noise?

Seems to me, almost nothing is worth risking hearing loss. Though the BOSS thing looks tempting, I don't think you would need the extra accuracy in most hunting situations. As far as the recoil reduction, you won't feel this at all when you spot "the big one" in the field. But for zeroing/testing, you would feel the recoil from big cartridge rifles that day and the next perhaps. Opinions?
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