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I'm a new member to this site and I just wanted to continue an older thread about the Gunvault...

I do appreciate everything which was said about the gun vault (Negative and Positive) but I just have one quick question to ask...

What if we started to think of the GUN Vault as a quick release holster for bedside use ONLY!!! I do understand that it is not as secure as a standard safe, I already have that.

You see I plan on using A REAL gun SAFE to store my firearms when on vacation, but the GUN VAULT will be used on a daily basis for quick draw, child proof device... Basically I guess it would be a SAFE quick draw holster...

With that in mind unless my 1 yr old can pick up a hammer and screwdriver.... well you get the picture...

I'm about ready to plunk down some cash for it, wanted to make sure I'm getting the right stuff...

BTW, this will be the new model wiht A/C power so the batteries HOPEFULLY won't be an issue...

Thanks in advance for your advice,

If anyone else has another suggestion to a quick release safe please let me know, I ruled out the Mossberg because I didn't like the angle/opening of door, I didn't couldn't find pictures at Palmer Security web site for the model mentioned in an earlier thread...!!!

whew, time to take a deep DEEP breath!!!! ;-)))))
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