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I have experimented a fair amount and come up with some practical holsters. As you can see, I favor Kydex for practical reasons. Here is basically a reprint of my post in the former thread "Daily Carry and Means of Carry" without the guns (by occasion):

1. Daytime/Work (w/jacket): Blade-Tech Paddle with speed cut.

2. Evenings-Casual: Fanny pack.

3. Daytime or Evening Social: Blade-Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster or BayerArms "phone facade" holster (don't overlook this one - it's awesome). But you don't like IWBs, so you won't like the blade-tech UCH or other "tuckables" like Galco Deep Cover, etc.

4. Jogging/Sports: Active Body Holster Co's Sport Belly Band (the best BB, IMO). Can also be used for social NON-SUMMER occasions.

5. Outdoors/Hiking: Glock Sport/Combat beltslide (wouldn't work with your Ruger, but great/cheap holster for Glocks).

6. Almost forgot, if I just want to feel cool like a TV detective or when driving long distances, I like the SafariLand "Gun Quick" speed shoulder holster.

Oh, and if you do decide you like kydex, the relatively new Sidearmor holster look real good; someone said better than blade-tech. The Sidearmor guy posts here at TFL - where are ya, man?

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