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leedesert: For full concealment and fairly quick draw, the IWB is the way to go. I carried a concealed pistol everyday, day and night for over seven years. As part of my work duties I often engaged in strenuous physical activity. As I worked in places were really bad things happen, being armed helped me survived some really bad things. The "discomfort" of the rig all too soon became a VERY comfortable feeling. Having to dress like a "bum" was kind of a, well, a "bummer" in many "social" situations, but the reality of the situation firmly placed all such fashion concerns far in the background. I've tried ALL the major name makers (and alot of the unknowns too). The FBI cant conceals the best for me (5'11", 160 lbs). Because of the "sweat through" effect I now go with Tim's products almost exclusively (Blade-Tech). The one IWB rig I really didn't care for was Rosens. Way too tight a fit and it's real particular about the angle you draw the sticks badly too often, especially from weird "panic positions (ie flat on your back, from a belted car seat, etc.). Mitch also makes you wait the longest and pay the most...hmmm. It's probably just my funky "style". Anyway, at this point I'd like to get up on my soapbox and preach about how you need to spend LOTS of time and money (and serious thought!) on training and holsters and lawyers and etc...but I won't. Carrying a gun in public IS serious s***. Period. "Nuff said. Stay safe.
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