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In 1987 I bought a Simmons Gold Medal 6.5x20 'scope for my new Ruger 77V .308. It has been on my Ruger 77V .220 Swift and recently a Ruger 10/22T. Last month, while shooting a match with the 10/22T, one of the lenses popped out of its mount inside the scope. I call Simmons and talked with "Lee". He said to send it in and they would repair it free as long as the tube was not bent. I packed it up and away it went. About ten days later a brand new Simmons Gold Medal 6x20 shows up in the mail. Needless to say I really appreciate this kind of fast, friendly service. I have several Leupold scopes and they are very fine. But the Simmons Gold Medal line is very good and I will buy another Simmons Gold Medal without reservation when the time comes.
Thank you Lee and Simmons.
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