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I have two VM-2s, one for HK USP Compact9, the other for Makarov. In my opinion it is an excellent holster, and even the relatively thick USPC slide rides very comfortably in it. VM-2 is a holster you can forget while carrying in it; it does not remind of itself like carrying a gun in a cheap nylon IWB does (painfully). Both of my VM-2s are horsehide because it barriers sweat better than cowhide and you can get horsehide VM-2 from Milt Sparks for the same price as cowhide (most makers charge extra for horsehide). VM-2 is also flatter and conceals better than most other IWB holsters, and can be carried with a shirt tucked in over the gun and holster for deep concealment. I think it is the best IWB holster available today for any price. Ossi
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