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Sounds like I am going to be a minority here, but the best holsters I have are the ones I make myself. I invested some big money into some real nice holsters, but then I started hanging around with this guy who does leather work. He showed me a few things and I have been going at it ever since. They aren't hard to make at all, and not only do you get a custom made holster that is sized to both the gun and your body, but you also get to hear people say things like "you made that!?! Who did the design? you!?! What about the stiching? you?!?" I have gotten more responses from my handmade holsters than I ever did from my purchased rigs. I end up having probably $15-$20 dollars of materials in each holster, and have people offering me double that for them. I very rarely sell them or make them to order (liability reasons), but I have made a few for friends. In particular for my best friend that is a Tenn. Park Ranger. It was a simple IWB that fit his issued SW40V. Email me if you have any questions on getting started or if you'd like to see any pictures of my stuff. -HP
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