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Not permitted here as it must be an NRA Handgun SAFETY course.
Are you sure? I thought was more than one training option.

That site is down right now, so I can't look it up in the statutes.

According to Florida Firearms Law, 2005 edition, pages 51, 52, training options also include a hunter education or safety course approved by fish and game, or a similar agency in another state. Or completion of any firearms safety or training course staffed by instructors certified by the NRA, Dept. of state, or CJS&T, taught in a firearms training school. Or completion of any firearms training courseor safety course,or class, conducted by a state certified firearms instructor, or an NRA certified firearms instructor. etc.

In lieu of the training requirement, there are other things such as military service which could be used as evidence of competency with a firearm.

As far as giving legal advice, I think an instructor or school could be sued for giving legal advice, especially things like yelling "Stop! Police!" when someone actually uses that kind of advice and is arrested for impersonating a police officer. In any case, I don't see how looking like a wannabe cop could help you, either with real cops investigating a crime scene, or in front of a jury.

I suppose you could also be sued for not giving any legal advice. I can see a student saying "what do you mean I can't open carry in the 7-11 at 2 a.m.?" and suing, although I think having someone sign a statement saying they have read and understand Sec. 790 ought to take care of that. And you may want something in that statement which says something like "We are not lawyers and are not qualified to give legal advice." That might CYA. Maybe.

Although, I don't think most lawyers could say they understand all the statutory and case law that could arise in concealed carry or self-defense situations, not to mention how the D.A. and police handle things in your neck of the woods, or how they'll handle it whereever your self defense situation arises.

Please note I am not a lawyer, and do not represent myself as competent to give legal counsel. Therefore, any statements about the law I have previously made may be false.

In other words, my $.02 worth.

BTW, gnappi, you wouldn't happen to be in the Martin County- Broward area, would you? P.M. me if you hold classes there.

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