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Our courses are eight hours long, and taught by NRA certified instructors. They consist of about 2 hours lecture instruction. 1 hour legal instruction. 5 hours range instruction. The legal portion of the course is taught by the local District Attorney, not the NRA instructors.

It's humorous to see how many wrong ideas are exposed in his segment of the course. Where are these ideas from? Family, friends, gunsmiths, policemen, the internet, ministers, soldiers, and there was even one instance of a person getting lethal force legal advice at her beauty shop. At least nobody has listened to thier dog. None of these sources are really qualified to speculate how a DA will handle a case. The DA is. It's also very informative to hear him actually give the straight skinny on why a case that might otherwise never be prosecuted is picked up and ran with. It often has very little to do with evidence, and much to do with politics. Of course, this is Louisiana, and ordering coffee is a political statement here.
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