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I am an NRA Certified Instructor for Basic Pistol and Personal Protection. The NRA specifically states that we are not allowed to teach law, unless qualified. In the Personal Protection course, we MUST have a qualified person to teach the law portion of the course. A qualified person can be a licensed attorney or a LEO who is POST Ceritified. The laws are state specific, so these folks must be licensed in our state.
I belong to a gun club where I teach this course, and we are fortunate to have a member who is a LEO that is POST Certified. He teaches the law portion of the course. We are very careful to refer any law questions to the instructor who is qualified.
By the way, here in PA, the State does not require training to receive a PA License to Carry. I encourage anyone who carries a gun or plans to carry to have training, even though it is not required. This is not for getting new customers, since we volunteer our time, and our classes cost HALF or less than half of what commercial folks charge.
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