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Here is my take on gunsafes and this if after purchase of two.

Count the number of guns you currently own, add the number of guns you think you may buy in the next two years. Multi this by 2. Buy the next biggest safe that will fit all those guns. <G>

Really, it kind of works like that. I originally purchased a safe that would fit the 12 guns I owned. Then when I got it home my wife started to add things... jewlery, important papers, camera, etc to fill it up. Prior to my move I sold that safe and when I moved in my new place I purchased the biggest American Security Safe I could find. It cost me right @ $2K (which is a meer fraction of the total cost of my arms)

Here is another way to figure. Add up the total cost of your firearms (and if you want jewlery, cameras, papers, etc). What is a good, ONE TIME, cost factor to ensure the safety of these... 10%, 25%?

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