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What instructors tell you.

I've been a civilian instructor for over 15 years in Florida and am also a Law Enforcement Instructor to the private security industry, and the statutes
here are spell out what type of course you must give, and for the Security
Industry EXACTLY what you need to cover. What amazes me is what instructors actually DO teach.

On another thread a person wrote:

"I seriously heard a CCW instructor say you could yell "STOP!... Police!"

I've also heard them go on about LEGAL issues (Not permitted here as it must be an NRA Handgun SAFETY course) and all sorts of shoot / don't shoot scenarios.

Every state has statutes that govern issuance of CCW licenses, and others that deal with USE of a weapon. My advice to anyone considering a CCW license get the statute from their state and if they take a course to make certain that the course material covers those issues only. For a firearms instructor to teach LAW, a $10 yearly NRA credential is insufficient, and blatently illegal to use to teach ANY law in most sane jurisdictions.

Oh, so many years ago when "I" took the NRA instructor course they SPECIFICALLY said that to have an APPROVED course (requirements in most states) you are NOT allowed to teach, infer, suggest, or imply law issues in your course UNLESS you were certified in your state to do so!

What have you folks been told in your CCW class, and is it LEGAL for non law enforcement personnel to teach law there?


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