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--City, Daytime, Work: Glock 30 (.45) with Ashley Express Big Dot sights, in Blade-Tech Paddle with speed cut.

--City, Evenings, Casual: Glock 30 in fanny pack.

--City, Daytime or Evening Social, high-risk area: Glock 27 (.40 s&w) in Blade-Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster.

--City, Daytime or Evening Social, low-risk area: Glock 30 in Bayer Arms phone facade CIPS holster.

--Jogging/Sports: Glock 27 in Active Body Holster Co's Sport Belly Band.

--Outdoors/Hiking: Glock 29 (10mm) with 5.5" Bar-Sto and G20 hicaps in Glock Sport/Combat beltslide.

--In and out of post office, courthouse, schools, and while drinking: Outdoor Edge pocket folder and good shoes to run like hell if need be.

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