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I rely heavily on my truck.
I keep the flashlight, an extra firearm (lately a Ruger Speed Six, I don't care if it gets rusty in my glovebox.. it'll still work) extra mags for my Glock .40s, basic tools, a buck knife, and often a shotgun behind the seat in there.

Depending on what I am wearing Iwill usually carry one of three rigs:

1. Glock 23 or 30 in either a Galco SOB, bladetech RH hip, either company's IWB holster holster or a Yaqui Slide.

2. Beretta single action .25 in the pocket when I have no other options.

3. Clark Caspian Meltdown .40 S&W in a Galco Yaqui Slide.

When I'm on my motorcycle I carry a Beretta Tomcat .32 in the breast pocket of my riding jacket with an Ahern pocket holster to keep the right end up.

of course, I have been known to slip a Colt Mustang or a PPK in a shoulder holster for formal affairs, loaded with Glasers, lest I overpentrate and wound the rich & famous.

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