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Blues! Glad to see you here!

I used to carry a neat little LWS32, tucked just behind my wallet, until a very dear friend fell in lust over it and cajoled me to part with it. Now I usually carry an Officer's Model or 1991A1 Compact tucked in my belt, cross-draw or small of my back, depending on my activity. Sometimes, when I'm actually wearing a jacket, I'll use an old Jackass rig (now called a Galco Miami Vice). When I'm putzing around in the north woods or one of the two continental divides, I'm fond of an old S&W 1955 that sports a 625 cylinder in .45 Colt. This also goes in a Galco MV, or an old Safariland 101.

I too am a staunch believer in carrying blades. Usually a Victrinox (sp) Camper (circa 80) and a large Sebenza.

Also have a distrust of dark places, so have always carried a mini-mag, and lately a Sure Fire
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