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I pack my HK USP .40 in a Galco Concealable. Which makes my big ugly HK dissapear even when under a light shirt. The one thing that always goes with me, even into the post office when my gun can't, is one of my little pocket knives. I have several. Emerson Commander, Spyderco Police, CRKT KISS and the STIFF KISS around my neck some times, Benchmade Sentinel, Benchmade AFCK, or EK Agent boot knife. I ALWAYs have a blade with me when I am wearing clothes. I buy about 10 knives to every gun I get. Call me Sick in the head - thats good ammo money I'm spending! I know, but when I shoot, I have a student in tow, and he or she has bought my ammo aka Class Material Fee ( basically all I charge, because some people feel strange taking a class that doesn't cost anything ).
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