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Curious to see what other forum members are carrying as part of their personal daily gear.

For example, I carry a Glock 26 every day, sometimes a Glock 19.
I carry in any combination of methods, depending on dress or situational requirements, which include:

Galco Ankle Glove
Eagle Weapons Fanny Pack
IWB or Belt Slide Kydex Holsters from Ky-Tac
Eagle Mk III SAS holster (thigh rig)

I always carry at least one knife, lately a large Sebenza, but sometimes a smaller blade as well.

For around the area in casual clothing in hot South FL weather, a neck knife may come in handy.

Well, you guys get the idea. Let's hear about your daily "mission essential" gear whether it be "on the job" or just walking around.


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