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About 3 months ago, I ordered a Blade-Tech IWB for my 1911. Received same but didn't like the inner "tab" that extended so high, so I trimmed it off with a box cutter and dressed the edge with a file. It rides fine. Now to the interesting part.
Two weekends ago, I e-mailed them asking if their single mag pouch & 6P/Z pouch were available with clip-on retention, or if they could make me some, and if so, how much $$? I waited for a reply. None. This past Tuesday, I recieved in the mail a single mag pouch, standard, (thread through belt loop) from them, along with an invoice and a copy of a reciept charged to my credit card!!!!! Now, I have found a way to make this work as I desired, so I'm keeping it, but I don't think I'm going to deal with them anymore. I didn't ask them to send anything other than info, & I damn well don't appreciate them charging an item to me without my prior authorization (card is a credit/debit card with my checking account-that could have caused major problems for me.) I will probably be looking into KyTac & Mad Dog for future product purchases.

Frankly, I don't think it's very "Christian" of TW to charge a customer for something he didn't order.

Shoot straight regards, Richard
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I used to be on AOL, and Tim Wegner was on there too. You might be able to reach him with his personal e-mail if you send it to some version of his name "". If I remember correctly (BIG if), it was TWegner.

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