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Important Postscript here:

Rob and I ran into Victor Kelly, Ops Director for BladeTech, at SHOT. He recognized and tried to place my name. Told him, I'd bought certain items from them and had spoken to him by phone once.

I also informed him about my experience with the supertool carriers and my thread here. He apologized, accepted full responsibility and insisted that he send me a new holder. Victor explained that the changed servers and lost about 1500 emails. While I sympathized, I responded that I didn't think it was my responsibility to phone after the email. He agreed completely and asked for my card.

I really didn't expect a follow up from Victor. He surpised me first thing this morning with an email confirm that he was sending out the replacement. I may have a bone to pick with BladeTech from time to time, but that's what I call customer service!
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