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I thought I'd throw my hat into this ring...

I've been enamored with the Yaqui Slide holster made by Galco for a while now and have three of them, one for normal Glocks, one for large frame Glocks and one for 1911s.
It was a BladeTech that distracted me from these leather holsters and over to Kydex. I tried one at the behest of a buddy on my G23 and fell in love with it. Turns out that it was more of a fleeting crush than a real relationship. Since then, I have grown to dislike them, as they are relatively uncomfortable to wear, especially when driving. I have a strong side belt model and a IWB model, though not the J-hook model.
I strapped on the belt holster yesterday and threw my G35 into it for a trip to the store, but I knew it was a going to be a short trip. I'll not be using them on long trips anymore.

I might mention that one of my quick complaints to the local dealer was that I couldn't put my G35/24/22 into the G23 holster. A few weeks later, when I went in to buy a IWB kydex holster he had received from BladeTech some G-27 size holsters with a straight edge on the bottom, instead of the rounded ones. This allowed this one holster to hold all the Glock 9mms, .40's and .357s. I really liked that. Score one point for BladeTech CS.

After hearing all of the good reports, I am anxious to try out a Mad-Dog at some point.
Does anyone know why the MD website does not list a price for the High High Ride?

Can't wait to hear the reaction on this tidbit: As much time as I spend driving around, I am a fan of the shoulder holster.


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