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Rich Lucibella
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Been wondering where you were. I guess yours is living proof that all makers have problems. The issue is how well they resolve them. As I said, the owner of KyTac spent a good deal of time with me discussing designs and his finishes and fit are excellent. My only criticism lies in the fact that retention is dependent on friction alone; Mad Dog's retention is based on a molded trigger guard.

I recently shipped an MD for my Officer's model back to the factory, because it was too tight. It was promptly reworked and returned after a phone call from them to discuss it. When I received it....same problem. I took it with me two weeks ago on a trip to Kevin's neck of the woods and showed him the problem. Turns out the Officer's model is an enhanced (flat top) slide which requires a different mold...not the maker's fault at all.

Kevin went as far as to order an enhanced slide so that he can add this to his line-up. That's my idea of Customer Service.

Blade Tech might have gained the same accolades from me had they stepped in to resolve the problem.
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