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I believe we went over this one once, but I'll add my personal opinions anyways if nothing else just to add some confusion into the mix.

I loved my Bladetech. Their fit was exceptional. I know this because I have two Glock 27's and the holster fit both perfectly. However, the holster had a slide guard. And it ripped because I wore it in front of me instead of strong-side like what most people do. Currently, I'm hoping to exchange it for an IWB with J-hooks.. sans the slide guard. But I haven't done it because I'm still 'researching' to make sure that this is the best option for my needs. Ok, that and I'm lazy.

Currently, I'm wearing the Mad Dog IWB. I have to give Kevin credit that this is truely the M1 Abrahams of holsters. Aside from tiny paint chips that got scratched off of the rivets, the holster has shown absolutely no sign of wear and tear. If I need a pure combative holster, this is who I would turn to.

But now comes the downside. I had to really take a hairdryer to work on that bad boy make it fit my gun right. Recently, I acquired another Glock 27. As fate would have it, it didn't fit right for the newer gun either. And I'm not just talking about the holster being slight too tight or too loose. The holster, like the first time around, will either not be able to hold my gun, or you can push it in, but it'll be next to impossible to pull it out. I'm sorry, but this holster has the poorest fit I've ever came across. Furthermore, the IWB is not very comfortable, and I'm a delicate person ya know. Comfort is extremely important to me since I'm a civvie.

Unless my needs change, the MD will probably be the only MD holster I'll probably ever own.

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