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Rich Lucibella
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There are a number of quality Mad Dog Dealers out there, some of whom have already been mentioned.

I use Shannon Lew at . He's listed in our links section and his site has some real good pictures of Mad Dog products for viewing.

Agency sales may be placed directly thru Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung, owner and creator of Mad Dog Knives and Gun Glove Holsters (520 772-3021). (If you are military or LEO and are looking to buy for your individual use, you will only waste a toll call and be referred to Shannon or one of the other Dealers.)

Good point, as always. Perhaps the scenario you paint is, in fact, the case with BladeTech. If so, then I'd hope complaints such as mine will encourage Tim to read his email or to amend his Web Site info to encourage use of the telephone. I just don't believe it's incumbent on us to figure out the best portal of entry into the Customer Service pipeline.
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