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Rich seems to be onto something when he notes that his e-mail has gone unanswered for three weeks. It seems that there are still a great many companies out there...many of which have extensive websites...who give darn little attention to answering e-mail promptly. Perhaps they don't view e-mail as being as "legitimate" a form of communication as a letter or a phone call. Perhaps, at their firm, e-mail is relegated to the computer geek who understands the system. I just don't get it. I've had slow/no e-mail responses from a number of companies which are QUITE responsive if you PHONE them...Bushmaster, Blade-Tech, Derry Gallagher, and others.

I suppose that we probably ought to give some of these technophobe ol' mossbacks a break and just call or write them. E-mail just doesn't seem "real" to them.

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