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I would not suggest that your experiences with Blade-Tech have been other than exactly as you describe. I can only say that my experience with Blade-Tech's products and customer service have been more than satisfactory. Blade-Tech president Tim Wegner offers, in his current print ads, to "buy back" any gear that the consumer finds unsatisfactory after up to 30 days of use. Seems fair to me. In each contact I've had with Blade-Tech, I've been treated with courtesy and any questions I've had have been answered to my satisfaction.

It would appear that Blade-Tech has grown rapidly over the last couple years. Growth is often accompanied by some "growing pains" and I had heard that they had sent out some product that was not up to the standards that they are capable of. If the IWB holster that I just received is typical of what they're currently turning out, then they've corrected whatever problems they might have had, as it is very nicely made.

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