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Rich Lucibella
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I hate to trash any manufacturer, but it's important that these Forums be used to relay the good, the bad and the ugly.

I own a number of Kydex products from BladeTech to MadDog to KyTac. I have to say that the service I received from BladeTech has been most unacceptable. When I purchased my first holsters from them some six months ago, I first phoned for information. When I had the temerity to question their return policy, I was met with an icy reply "Well, if you know what you want, why would you return it?" I went ahead and ordered 3 pieces. (I later had occasion to speak to Kevin McClung of Mad Dog Products and also to the owner of KyTac. Both were informative, helpful and reasonable. Both delivered products of impeccable finish and fit.)

When the BladeTech holsters arrived I was entirely underwhelmed by the fit and finish of each. I will not get into a discussion of the benefits of Mad Dog's retention system which requires no adjustment screws, other than to say I find it a far better system.

When I discussed my disappointment in BladeTech with Rich Jee of Gunsite, he encouaged me to give them another chance, insisting that Tim is commited to Customer Service. So off went my Leatherman Wave and Swiss Tool with a request for belt clips along the style of the Blade Tech open mag carrier.

After six weeks I received my tools and the holders back. I was blown away by the holders. While 1 3/4" belt was specified, the units would not clip over a Wilderness Survival belt (it had to be fed thru). The finishes on many of the edges were non-existent. The Wave holder was so tight that two hands were required to remove the tool. The holders were so shallow as to look comical with all this metal hanging out of the top. The base of the Wave clip extended below the bottom of the clip by 1/4" leaving a space thrugh which it can accidently slip the belt and disappear. The units hold the tools too high to allow for comfortable access.

I emailed Tim at BladeTech some three weeks ago and explained these issues. I have never received a response. So much for "Customer Service". Of the three units purchased, one Wave holder was given to a buddy who'd requested it...I couldn't bring myself to charge him for it. Another Wave holder has been given to Rich Jee in hopes that he'll show it to Tim as an example of what looses customers. The SwissTool holder is still in my posession, if only as a curiosity.

I will never order another product from this company again. YMMV
Rich Lucibella

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