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The one I like is from Palmer Security Products. It's fabricated of 1/4" thick steel all the way around, including the door. The door is backed on three sides of the body by 3/8" thick (about 4" long and 1/2" wide) pieces of steel which makes it difficult to pound the door in or to force a screwdriver in for prying. It appears that they're glued in place and then welded (the glue used only to hold them in lieu of clamps). The dual locking bolts engage the bottom reinforcing piece of steel described earlier.

GunVault has a singular hook which engages a loop. While the concept of finger touch opening is nice, the execution of the lock is cheap compared to what Palmer did.

Palmer may be reached at 1-800-788-7725 or write them at 2930 N. Camplell Ave., Chicago, IL 60618. They also have a website, but I don't know where it is. If you find it, you'll see a picture of the box I'm talking about.

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