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I read your review. Impressive! You have more guts that me. I've never used or been sprayed with pepper gas. The only point of refference I have is making my to the gas chamber twice a year while in the USMC. They burned CS pellets in the chamber and it acted on mucus membranes and any moist part of your body. Eyes, nose, mouth, lungs, and other moist parts we won't mention here.

I do have a couple questions.
A friend of mine gave me a can of pepper spray labeled:
BG-X ( BodyGuard 10% ) 10%OC, 1.5M SHU

I see you reccommend 2M SHU.
Whats SHU?
Is it a liniar rating?
( so 1.5M SHU is 75% the power of 2M SHU )

Thanks for your time.
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