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Just picked up a Deep Cover Belly Band yesterday at the local gunshop, and was I impressed. For those of you not familiar with these types of holsters, they consist of simply a 6” wide doubled piece of elastic with two pockets sewn into the middle. The ends are fastened with about 14” of Velcro.

First off, I didn't know that they were universal, in that they fit 90% of all handguns plus one magazine. Sorry revolver fans, You’ll just have to put that speed loader in your trouser pocket. I carry a E.G. Mak in 9x18 and it fit great (almost like it was made for it!). I was able to strap it around the middle of my torso, and cover it with a tucked in polo shirt. Drawing required two hands, but after some practice, I think it will be reasonably fast. I was also able to strap it around my pelvis, below the waist line, and conceal it with a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt. I actually mowed part of my yard (the push mower and trim part) for about hour, and forgot that it was even there!

I was kinda skeptical at first, because being a larger lad (5’11, 220 – slight beer belly left over from college) I was worried that the belly band wouldn’t conceal properly. Boy was I wrong. This “holster” is great for summer carry, but looses its charm when cooler months roll in and you are able to layer your clothing without looking conspicuous. This is a must for anyone wanting to carry year round.

-Universal Handgun Fit
-Extra Mag Pouch
-Comfortable (!)
-Variety of carry modes (anywhere from below your pits on down)
-Great Concealment w/ minimum cover

-Black in color, concealing clothing must be dark or it will show through
-Magazine pouch not closed at bottom (for longer mags) potential for mag to fall through (doubtful, but possible)
-Price $25, the quality is great, but I hate to say it, as simple as the construction is on this thing, it shouldn't be over $15.

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