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I had a similar sitation a while back.
While at Mitch Rosen's shop in NH, I
inquired about a holster for my 4" Super
BlackHawk. He mentioned that his "Sport"
holster would be made for the gun. I
placed my order. 6 months later (I was
getting two other holsters, two mag
carriers and two belts also) it arrived.
The workmanship and fit were
extraordinary. The holster holds the gun
tighly yet stil allows for a easy draw.
It also holds the gun snugly against me
and is quite comfortable to wear with any
of my Ruger single actions.
Mitch'sproducts may cost a bit more than
others, but I couldn;'t reccommed them
enough. Each of my handguns ride in one
of his holsters as will any future ones.
See his work on-line at: <html> </html>
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