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Wabbit Stew

"Comrade Brown writes as follows: 'The Captain was our guest at the Christmas dinner on Ladies' Island, South Carolina, 1862. It was a great time. One of the few times during the service of the company when the bars in rank were let down and all met on the level as a happy family. The first delicacy served was a rabbit stew in which the Captain found a wishbone. With an incredible yet knowing smile, the Captain remarked dryly, 'I did not know before, boys, that rabbits had wishbones.'
'Oh yes,' we replied, 'they do down here.'"

If you've learned nothing else from this forum, you should have learned to forage like a soljer already. It takes wits and skill and patience of a hunter. The way the boys got the wabbit for the stew follows:

"Sergeant Fogg in command of picket post, was, the day before the dinner, swirling a stick around his head, and it accidentally(?) slipped out of his hand and, strange to say, hit and killed a good fat hen. A little later Sergeant Sumner did the same thing. We did not want to let them spoil, hence the rabbit stew with wishbones. The rabbit story attachment runs thus: I was cut in the corn field roaming about seeking something to devour, (and sure an accident this time,) I stepped on a good big rabbit asleep. My big foot put him into his final slumber and I lugged him to camp in triumph."

There, now that you've got the alibi and the hunting technique, go get the wabbit.
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