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The happy Rebel

From after the capture of Fort Pulaski in South Carolina.

"The Rebel prisoners numbered about 400. One stuttering, dry joker among the prisoners asked the 'Yanks:' 'Why am I like Lazarus of Old Bible times, and you'uns like the rich man who turned Lazarus down?' Because I am going North into Heaven and you'uns are going to stay down here in Hell. You can look across into Heaven and see me reposing in Abraham's (Lincoln) bosom.' The fellow was as bright as well as witty and told the 'Yanks,' sub rosa, that he migrated from the North many years before as a mechanic and found an easy job in Savannah at good pay, that when we got into Savannah, to look for a small park in the center of the city flanked at the east end by an Episcopal church, that on the south side was a hotel, on the north side a store on which would be a sign reading 'Richardson's House Furnishing Suppies,' that it was for Richardson he worked, but although he would shrink some worldly good yet it was his intention to take the oath of allegiance and remain in the North. One member of the Company did not get to Savannah until 1872 and then found the small park, hotel and Richardson's store as described bythe stuttering 'Johnny Reb.'

Heckuva happy way to look at being a PoW.
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