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I personally don't have one, but I can say I've been looking into one for the same reasons you are. Two of my co-workers (both of whom are qualified snipers and are SOTIC graduates) have Springfield Armory optics on their Model 700's. One of the guns is a .308 and the other is a .300 Win Mag. They've never had a single problem with them as far as repeatable accuracy, holding zero, etc. I've considered the SA, Leupold, and Shephard as my choices, and for the money the SA seems hard to beat. The Generation 2/3 versions are loaded with features that just beg to be used: lit reticles for low light/dark background, anti-cant level, simple 3/4 Mil-dot reticle, etc.

I'm in the same boat you're in, and when I can afford the right sight, I'm heavily leaning towards the SA first, with the Leupold being my second choice.


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