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Next time on COPS!

I'm approaching the on-ramp for southbound 71, heading east on 27th Street in the middle of Not-so-nice-ville, heading home from work at 2am.

Other side of the highway overpass, a brown car slides onto 27th from the north, with a cop car glued to its a$$. The brown car then cuts over the 4 lanes of road into my lane, and I can actually see the front of the car lurch upwards as the driver accelerates! I come to the end of the bridge, about 30 feet shy of the on ramp. The two oncoming speeding cars are about 25 yards away from me at this point, and coming fast.

First though to pass through my head is 'what the hell is going on?'. Second thought is literally 'I'm heavier than they are'. I stop the Jeep.

The brown car's doors suddenly swing open. Time goes into that slow motion phenomena. I see a young black kid running next to the car. He is angling towards me. There is now an unmanned vehicle coming directly at me!

It finally dawns on me that I am about to be in the middle of some very nasty -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-! I yank the wheel over to the left, punch the gas, and shoot the Jeep off towards the other side of the road, narrowly missing the black kid. The brown car slams into the concrete bridge work, knocking signs down, and its glass shatters, pelting the side of my Jeep with little glass pebbles. I hear no noise, no sirens. My eyes are glued to the kid, thinking 'He's going to try and get the Jeep from me, get ready'. I reach my hand towards where my gun should be.

I yank my head around to keep my eyes on the kid, and maneuver the Jeep around as the police car, still in funky slow mo time, zings past me, and VAULTS over the side of the road in pursuit of the kid that just ran down the side of the very steep embankment!

Time returns to normal perception as I pull the Jeep over to the side of the road, and watch the cop car bouncing and sliding down the hill side. I think that there should have been two kids, passenger and driver, but I only saw one. The angle is too step, and I can't see the roadway below from inside the Jeep, and I'm not about to get out and look!

I decide its time to make haste and get the hell out of there before anything else happens. Once I get up on the highway, I see a few other police cars, some with lights running, others with all lights off, zipping around on side roads, heading in the direction of the chaos.

First thing I think of when I calm down: I need to start carrying at work! It is getting way too dangerous around there, especially in the early morning hours when I leave. I've been leaving my gun at home since I can't carry at work, and I don't want to leave it in the Jeep since they are easy to break into. I will definitely be ordering a Smart Carry in the morning!
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