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Hi Bill!

I'm sorry I didn't make a long distance phone call before I posted this, but I did ask you two or three times in email about your return policy if I decided to return the 9 volt parts, and you never answered the question. I even sent a separate email asking the same question and didn't get a response.

> "We are not hiding from anything. The accusaton of such is silly..."
> "We are never rude to our customers. However respect is a two way street. His implication " > of dishonesty or negative connotations upon our reputation are not welcome. Maligning us on a
> public forum before even bothering to tell us IN ANY MANNER, that our effors to satisfy him were
> not successful shows poor form at best.

Uh, Bill, I think your overreacting, here. I never said you were rude, and I never implied you were dishonest. I believe I have told the truth, that I have asked you a few questions, more than once, that you have never answered. You lack of response to my direct questions is what I termed "hiding".

> "We looked into it a gave our best answer. Regarding other models, the answer is, nobody knows. Until this supply
> is exhausted and the new ones online, we don't know. Not technical, but truthful."

But you never told _me_ this, even when I asked about the other models. And why can't one of your friends at Laser Products test one of the new models? That sounds fishy.

And you told me the problem with the P90 was an "extra filament" that was added to the 9 volt units to make them tougher. First, any idea why an "extra" filament would make a lamp bulb tougher" I don't see how. So, are they adding these extra filaments to the 6 and 3 volt units? Is that what you are saying? What does Laser Products say?

Anyhow, I don't really want to argue on this forum either. If you had answered my questions in the emails we exchamged, a lot of this would have already _been_ handled.

Bill, you seem like a pretty nice person, and I'm sorry we are both probably looking worse than we should here. You did go out of you way to have replacement lamps sent out (which I didn't ask for), which was nice of you. But I really wanted information. I will send you another email, and we can remove _our_ diagreement from the forum.

But I still think the buying public needs to find out what is going on with these flashlights. The entire reputation of the Sure-Fire (as close as I can tell) rides on their intense focused beam. And in the units I've compared recently, the 9 volt lamp assemblies are not comparable to the 6 and 3 volt lamps, as I detailed above.

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