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I have attempted to give Mr. Haller a call,( a courtesy I did not receive before his post) but his line is busy. The tone of his post is such that the reader comes away with a negative impression of us and I take exception to that.
Mr. Haller was treated with the courtesy and respect he deserved and his order was very promptly shipped and received. He phoned with his concerns, and quite frankly this is the first time I had ever heard of this and it had never been a problem before. We looked into it a gave our best answer. Regarding other models, the answer is, nobody knows. Until this supply is exhausted and the new ones online, we dont know. Not technical, but truthful. In any event, I told Mr. Haller we would do "whatever it takes to make it right" and promptly had replacement units shipped. So far all I see is that we continued to take interest in his case and do what was right.
We are not hiding from anything. The accusaton of such is silly. Our company is a field based operation that spends the majority of time training and performing demonstrations at agencies and organizations. Our last communication was on the 18th and there are no new messages or phone calls regarding the matter from Mr. Haller. I only saw this post upon taking the time out to browse the forums after a few weeks. (very dissapointing)
We are never rude to our customers. However respect is a two way street. His implication of dishonesty or negative connotations upon our reputation are not welcome. Maligning us on a public forum before even bothering to tell us IN ANY MANNER, that our effors to satisfy him were not successful shows poor form at best.
I still maintain we will do whatever will make you happy Mr. Haller, an assertion I have made from the beginning. The 15% you are so concerned about is there to protect us from those who make an "event purchase" and then return the items used after a riot deployment or camping trip. Since my clairvoyant abilities are minimal, I cannot resolve something without any effort on your part to contact me about your continued concerns. If you are concerned about the dime Mr. Haller tell me when you line is not busy, so I can be aware of your current situation without finding out first on the forums.
To all the listers, it is very unfortunate it has come to this. Our reputation is all we have and while we owe everything to our customers, we are not here to be slandered as a result of events that are no fault of our own. I am not angry, just dissapointed in the lack of common (or should I say uncommon) courtesy.
I still stand by our policy, our 30% discount on Sure Fire to listers, and our commitment to courtesy and mutual respect. (It does go both ways) If anyone has questions or comments, I have cleared my schedule to answer mail and calls regarding this matter and Sure Fire in general for the rest of the day as this is not the proper forum for unfortunate stuff like this.

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