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I agree with you, Jeff!

The distributor had LP send me two more P90 replacement lamp assemblies.

One of them was DOA. I put it in the 9P, and when turned on, it produced a small dim orange light!? When I looked at the bulb itself, it has a milky coating. Oh well, one down.

The second replacement lamp produces a big oval beam, just like the replacement I had ordered originally. NOT a nice hot round center like my 3P, 6P or 6Z.

So far the original bulb that was in the 9P, with it's banana shaped beam center, has the closest thing to a normal Sure-Fire hot spot! It's not round, but at least it's bright!

I am still waiting for Bill Perches of Street Smart Professional to respond to emails I have sent him regarding their return policies. (He is the distrubutor I bought the 9 volt stuff from.) I don't know why he is "hiding", but he has not responded to two or three email requests about their return policy. I'd like to retuirn all the 9volt stuff I bought, but I'd prefer not to have to pay any 15% "restocking fee".

And I keep meaning to talk to the Customer Service rep, Stuart, who told me the first story. Bill Perches has still not commented on the part of Stuart's story that said the 3 and 6 volt lamps would "soon" have the same problem.

All in all, very depressing and tiring. Why do people think this kind of shilly-shallying is better than just telling the truth? Oh yeah, now I remember! :-)

But on a "good" note, the Z32 "shock isolated" bezel appears to be a good design, that should reduce how much external shock is transferred to the lamp assembly. I wish LP would offer these as an option on your original order, so we wouldn't have to spend so much to have a Sure-Fire so equipped. But I guess they think they'll make more money this way!

Still unsatisfied....


P.S. On the water-proof issue, I can imagine a big difference in "wet performance" may depend on whether the o-rings are "lubricated", with something like the teflon-silicon lubricant that Walter Welch recommends. While the Sure-Fires may not be truly designed to be "waterproof", you may get acceptable "rainy weather" results with a little O-ring lube!
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