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Thanks RadarMan,

I use spray adhesives but wasn't aware of an "Elmer's". But I use the cardboard over and over again, cutting off the old targets (by cutting the tape holding them) and then tape a new set to the same piece of cardboard. I also turn the cardboard over to better distribute the bullet holes. Eventually they got "shot out", and I have to find some more big pieces of cardboard (like outside of an appliance store!).

Thanks for the info!

Morgan, I had tried a couple of Joe Dioso's targets, but the ones I got were fairly small JPEGs that ended up pretty blurry by the time I printed them on an 8.5 x 11 paper. I'll go back and take a look at his "dartboard" that sounds like fun! (hmmm....a dartboard eh?.....remember the back side of the dartboards, that have a "baseball" game on them?.....hmmmmmm)

Thanks for the info, too!

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