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Hi gang!

I have finally set up a dinky web site, and on it I have some targets that can be downloaded.

I make lots (too many) targets myself on my computer, and print them. Then I tape them, nine at a time, to a large cardboard sheet. Then I take that sheet (actually several of them) to either the indoor or outdoor range and shoot them up! I'm trying to encourage you to do the same!

There are "bullseye" style, "silhouette" style, and even some previews of my "Real Picture" targets (the real target files are too large to fit on my small -but free!- Compuserve web page). And I have way too many other styles too!

The page is at:

Let me know what you think! There are also some knife, gun, ammo can and sandbag pictures there too! Enjoy!

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