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Jeff, the Browning website posted above is the correct one (never hear of Brown, but they look strong). When you get there, there's a description of the "Gold" series safe which I bought on the "New Products" section, and a more detailed description of the safe construction in the "Hunting/Shooting Catalog" section.

One thing to note is that the catalog is from 98 when Browning still used a steel liner in their fire safes. They no longer use them in 99 safes, but have beefed up the door considerably, added 4 more bolts to the door, fully carpeted the inside, supposedly increased fire resistance 10% and included the previously optional deluxe exterior. Personally, I would have preferred the steel liner for some extra resistance to drills and torches, but hardly any of the other mfrs. even offer steel liners and if they do (like Ft. Knox), they are mucho $$$. Life's often about trade offs, I suppose.

Dealer's name is Doug Whiton and his phone # is 603-924-9800 (NH). He's a locksmith, so he may be out on a call..just leave him a message and he'll get back to you. Again, he's a great guy (very mellow and grandfatherly) and I can just about guarantee you he'll give you a price that will make your decision easy once you consider the quality of Brownings and look at what it will cost you to get a similar quality safe. At least that's what happened to me! Please tell him Stan in California sent you.

The only drawback is that depending on the model, your safe is basically made to order, so you'll have to wait about 4-5 weeks. But, this means you can have it just the way you want it with regards to color, interior, etc. and best of all, you get to choose the combo! Much better than having to remember another random set of numbers. If you're interested, I can also give you some tips I've learned on delivery, installation, etc. Hope this helps!
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