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Hi all,
I'm new around here, but just wanted to pass on my safe experience. Just took delivery of a wide body Browning fire safe on Monday and I'm very, very pleased. Fit and finish is superb; this thing is beautiful (as far as big metal boxes go .

I did quite a bit of research and what I found is that if you go with any of the big name safes (i.e. Liberty, Ft. Knox., Browning, American, etc.) and are careful to get the features you want (like fire protection), you can't really go wrong. All have their pluses and minues, but in the end, the higher end quality ones are all very stout and will deter the average amateur burglar. We can't kid ourselves; if a professional wants to get into a safe, he will...a better safe just buys a little more time. Look for thick bodies and doors, lots of thick door bolts, lock with a drill plate/relocker to thwart attacks on the lock, etc.

If fire protection is your concern, however, I'd be careful to look at what type of protection your getting and if the safe has been rated by UL or some other independent lab. For instance, what Liberty calls "double wall" protection is really just one layer of insulation, not two. You have to get their "triple wall" to get the equivalent of Brownings "double wall".

I chose the Browning because of its security features, superb fit and finish and because I got a great deal on it! I ordered it from an out of state dealer (no sales tax) and it was drop shipped directly from the factory (only have to pay shipping once) saving me several hundred dollars. If anyone is interested, I can give you the dealer's info..He's a great guy and a pleasure to deal with (didn't want to post it now lest I be stepping on anyone's toes). Take care,

PS I agree...definitely get a bigger one than you think you'll need!
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