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I bought an 11 gun American Security. Four months later, some punks broke into my house but didn't even touch the safe. I used to keep my rifles in the corner in the closet.
Anyway, I recommend buying a safe that's bigger than you think you will need. You can fit an amazing amount inside one but once it's full, it's FULL. Another consideration is if you have assault rifles or hunting arms (shotguns). Two different requirements. The assault rifles have pistol grips that take up space. You can't necessarily stack them in the way the manufacturer of the safe intended (you'll need to buy even bigger then). If you have long barreled shotguns also, you'll have to find a compromise on the shelf height.

The American Security seems to be one of the cheaper made safes. Fit and finish aren't as good as the Libertys or Brownings but it qualifies as a real safe (not a locking, sheet metal gun cabinet). The function of the combination and locking handle/lugs seems comparable to the more expensive models.

About keeping a low profile, a simple tarp or sheet of some sort works suprisingly well for 'camoflage'. I keep my small safe inside my closet and throw a shop coat over it. My friend has a huge safe in the garage and drapes it with one of those cheap, plastic blue tarps. It just looks like some garage "junk" and it doesn't catch the eye (no tumbler or vault handle to see). I prefer to keep the safe inside. Ask the rep for his recommendations on location, and securing tips. Hope this helps.
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