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I've always followed the poor man's route to gun storage - find a very unusual, but secure spot in the house, and hide the gun. Not too sophisticated. So, I decided to invest in some better storage equipment.

I'm planning on installing a Gunlocker safe for quick access - see . Fits between the studs in a wall in your home - seems like a better alternative than the small, nearly portable 'tactile' safes. I would be concerned about how to secure those from theft.

And, we're getting a large safe as well. Talking to a rep for Fort Knox - we need a custom size. In another application, we're also considering Liberty, American Security and Frontier.

In both cases I plan to do my best to hide the safes. Seems like the best approach is to keep a low profile.

I can't seem to find much research on any of these products, that is, for comparison purposes. It's a fairly large investment, and I want to get the right gear. Anyone had experience with these companies? Thanks.
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