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Excellent Issue

Just got the August issue and it's outstanding (the articles that I did read, I will read the rest, primarily the writeups on the various weapon systems). And I didn't even mind turning to page ** this time .

I don't think that Mr. Durbin, if he gets SWAT is going to like Claire Wolfe's article (oh, is she married? Getting Divoriced? Seeing people on the side? She is HOT and I'm gay ).

The best article through was Mr. Hansen's. It was sad to see heirlooms of 5 generations go up in smoke and I know how he feels about fire. And gave Mr. Austin and Socks a hug every day. As you look at the guns that perished, it means nothing compared to the face of Austin and the tail wagging of Socks, life can't be replaced, things can. And this gives you the oppurtunity to start the next gun onto the next 5 generations, continue the tradition.

Allot of people think that I am overly obsessive when it comes to checking the house and the yard each and every morning before I go to work for things that may become a fire hazard. I check the bathroom ashtray, the computer system, the stove/oven, and the coffee pot mostly to ensure that every thing is out or off. I then check the ashtray by my chair to ensure that no ashes are still smoking, no ciggs are lit, and that no "cheeries" have fallen.

In the winter, all heaters are unplugged if not in use and in the summer, all fans when not in use. Like Mr. Hansen I don't do the "set your clocks foward/back change out your batt. in your alarms", I do it quarterly and test monthly.

I have fire extinguishers in the living room and kitchen.

Upon reflection of Mr. Hansen's ordeal, and his article, I find that I need to get alarms for the bathroom and the dining room so that they can pick up faster then the ones I have in the living room, bedroom, and storage room. I need to get at least two more extinguishers, one for the laundry room and one for the bathroom, and that I feel good with my plans on how to get out of the house.

Again, excellent issue. I also enjoyed the El Salvadorian article. I didn't know that they had forces in Iraq either (hmmmm, I wonder why the non-biased media leaves things like that out ). I especially liked the way that even through the LEO's there knew that these people would be ones that they would bust sooner or later, they still ended the stop with a handshake and were respectful.

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