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With some welding skills or a friend who's a welder I should imagine that would not be too hard of a mount to design and build-minus the electronic lock. Maybe even with the electronic lock. It could be made using square thinwall steel tubing and some scrap sheetmetal and build a box. Use the tubing to build a framework and the sheetmetal to wrap sround it. Visualize an elongated shoebox with one end cut off and the top missing. Now put a locking clamp on the end near the top (the open corner but on the end and not the top). Use whatever you want for padding. Maybe even an old bicycle tire slit lengthwise. Then use one way bolts to mount it. I know this doesn't sound overly clear but I hope you can visualize what I'm trying to communicate.

As an aside, is there any practical way we can load photos, drawings etc. to help clarify the different things we are discussing here on the Forum?
Sorry Rich, just looked in the FAQs. Didn't want to close out my post window to check.

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